Face2Face Foundation is a movement birthed out of an intimate relationship with The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. A desperation to rise above the deception and limitations of religion, the emptiness and unreliability of all that the world has to offer in the name of excitement and instead become a generation that seeks the Fathers heart, worshiping Him in spirit and in truth, to see His kingdom come. Ask and you shall receive, Words that forever have been an echo in our ears, yet it was in the process of practicing this, that we discovered a stimulant, the likes of which we never known before: Intimacy. The instances of having face to face encounters with God has never been confined to a person, but have been written about throughout the course of history for man. Moses at the burning bush, Jacob with angel of God, Paul on his way to Damascus. It does not end there...we carry on the legacy.
    Its not about religion, its about relationship! the cliche is thrown back and forth. But it is when we were actually led into it that we had a mind-blowing revelation. This generation is on the receiving end of the truth of Jesus Christ, in a manner more fervent and relevant than ever before in history, causing a supernatural transformation of the mind, one that breaks through all man-made notions and distorted concepts of God, church,worship and religion.
    This we believe, based on God's Word, that we can have direct access to the Father and His throne of Grace and that we do not require mediators, traditions, or rites to take us there. There is a promise for a face to face relationship with God by removing of the veil, which is what this movement is all about - an abiding encounter with the face of God as we worship, causing the heavens to invade this earthly realm. Surely nothing can be more consequential than a life that has an everyday encounter with God Himself!